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D'Agen Prune Extract

Organic D'Agen Prune

Made of the finest prune of gDfAgenh only, especially selecting large-fruits. Available in handy-size bottle at a reasonable price.

Dry prune with soft texture, soaked Californian prune into prune extract. We use the variety of gDfAgenh -King of prune- it is fleshy and rich taste. No additives added such as synthetic preservatives etc.

from Italy
Traditional / Sesame / Pizza
Italian best-loved stickbread from gFattori & Pandeah. No additives, sweeteners or preservatives. Available in 3 flavors, gPlainh, gSesameh and gPizzah with Tomato taste.T
gOrangeh gChocochiph gLimoncelloh gCoccoh gAssorted"

from Italy
Of gCIABOR S.r.L.h from Naples, very popular sweet company with locals. Light taste cookies not using butter. Various five flavors are available.

Sand biscuits
gNocciolah gZabaioneh

from Italy

from Italy

Handy pack with 8pcs. gNocciolah, cocoa biscuits with hazelnuts cream. gZabaioneh coffee-flavored biscuits with zabaione cream, Zabaione is an Italian traditional dessert made from egg yolk.

Crispy cracker, loved with crispy and light taste since 1960fs.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil
gCastello di Rampinzerih

from Italy

Made by De Stefani Family in Trapani, the name ''Rampinzen'' and run a farm in their vast manor for generations. Distinguished for its fruity flavor and elegant taste.

@ Chocolate

from Poland
From gWAWELh in Poland with the history of more than 90 years. gMilkh- Mild taste of Milk chocolate. gDoubleCreamh- Identical harmony of rich cream and cacao. gDarkh- Bitter chocolate with 90% cacao.
Soft chew candy

Assort (Strawberry, Orange,Cherry, Apple)
from Turkey

Product of gTAYAS GIDA A.S.h established in 1960fs, Turkey. Their fine products are well accepted through the world. Fruit juice made fillings in soft chew candy. Natural and refreshing taste.


from Turkey

gFESTIVALh - Filled chocolate with hazelnut and hazelnut-flavored cream.

 gGifth- Filled chocolate with 4 different flavored cream-Hazelnut/Milk/Coffee/Tropical Fruit.

 gTuvanah -Filled chocolate with hazelnut-flavored cream.

Soft chew candy
gDAMLA Bulk-Strawberry, Orange, Cherry, Appleh

from Turkey
In bulk form for each flavor with 5kg per carton.
Fruit Jelly
gLE BONELLE -Orange, Strawberry, Lemon, Cherryh

from Italy
Jelly with rich scent of fruit and mild sweetness. Tiny cute appearance and familiar taste. 1kg bulk bag with mixed four flavors. You can make a small portion as much as you like.

Soft texture, sweet and full flavor of caramel. Enjoy the rich-tasting fudge 1kg bulk bag. .

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