Manual Probe Station


A precision probe station, equipped with a high magnification microscope. Ideal for general purpose probing or when sub-micron targets are required. Highly accurate and steady with high load stages.

 Manual Positioners


A light and compact positioner designed for various probing applications.

A general purpose positioner design for IC pad probing.

A high precision stainless steel positioner designed for sub-micron probing.

 Semiautomatic Probing Stations

MODEL 9920
We offer Micromanipulator’s 150mm, 200mm, and 300mm semiautomatic analytical probe stations. These semiautomatic analytical probe stations incorporates Micromanipulator’s industry leading prober technology,  including MicroTouchTM con

The Thermo Scientific ECAT provides powerful expert computer-aided testing for all Pulsed EMI test requirements.
Designed to meet the needs and standards of the telecommunications, power line and electrical industries as well as EMI test laboratories.

trols for manual control, large open platen designs with removable wedges and integrated thermal chuck plumbing.

 Mercury Probe System

The CVmap92A performs C-V and/or I-V plots at user specified sites (up to 49 sites) on wide variety of wafers without the need for metal deposition, photoresist work and etching steps. The use of one or two mercury contacts and a unique mechanism allows us this system to provide mapping capabilities for many forms of wafers, including SOI, wafers or LOCOS, with unsurpassed repeatability. 

 Four Point Probe Systems

The four point probe systems give you all the advantages you have come to expect from Four Dimensions measurement quality and reliability. Each of these systems provides the users with the ability to measure sheet resistivity.

The Thermo Scientific Celestron Flexible bench top TLP/VF-TLP test system provides fast, accurate, and reliable characterization of advanced semiconductor structures.
A single system can be configured for TLP, VF-TLP, HBM or MM ESD for testing at either the wafer or the package level. Optional probes can be used to measure current and voltage on pins or pads other than the ones being stressed. Powerful software provides intuitive and comprehensive data analysis capabilities. Fast programming and execution bring accurate results quickly reducing product characterization cycles

 Laser Systems


 Probe Cards
Probe cards can contribute to yield enhancement and improved measurement quality. They are available for many measurement applications, including those which require special temperature, noise, and leakage requirements or specifications.
 De-lid Device
This manual rotating instrument easily de-lids package devices. This easy to use instrument can reduce sample preparation time and effort.
 Precision Tweezers and Diamond Scribers

We offer a large variety of special purpose instruments in various materials. These hand tools provide extreme reliability for exacting applications while being easy to use.

Probing Solutions
Laser systems economically provide the capability for the removal of passivation or the isolation of a specific device by cutting. The laser system comes with adjustable power settings and area processing settings. Available in one, two, or three different wavelengths depending on the semiconductor materials to be removed or cut.

The Micromanipulator Company

Four Dimensions Inc.

Four Dimensions Inc.

 Celestron Flexible Bench Top TLP/VF-TLP Test System
 ECAT EMC Test System
ECAT EMC Test System
 ECAT Lightning Test System - LTS

Thermo Scientific ECAT Lightning Test System (LTS) is a modular test platform, which tests to the lightning simulator requirements of RTCA DO-160 Section 22 E/F.
The basic system configuration provides test capabilities to Level 3 for pin injection, cable bundle single and multiple stroke testing and is expandable to Level 5 for all waveforms including Waveforms 3H and 6H for multi burst testing.

ECAT Lightning Test System
 EMCPro Plus EMC Test System

The Thermo Scientific EMCPro Plus is an advanced, multi-capability, low-cost EMC immunity test system addressing a broad range of test capabilities.
The EMCPro Plus is the only tester capable of monitoring surge voltage and current at the output terminals; it monitors at the output of the coupling unit and will automatically switch connections according to the coupling mode as opposed to measuring at the generator which can lead to large errors.

 MiniZap ESD Simulator

The Thermo Scientific MiniZap is a battery-operated, handheld 15kV ESD test simulator for performing contact mode and air discharge mode testing.
Meets the requirements of current standards, and also meets the requirements for waveform purity when verified using a wide bandwidth instrument.

MiniZap ESD Simulator
EMCPro Plus EMC Test System
 MK.2-SE ESD and Latch-Up Test System

The Thermo Scientific MK.2-SE ESD and Latch-Up test system provides rapid, high yield testing of complex high-pin count (up to 768 pins)? devices for ESD and Latch-Up susceptibility?from design through post-production qualification.
A reliable, highly efficient and cost-effective turnkey system, the MK.2-SE addresses the trailing pulse phenomenon, a hazard that occurs after the main HBM test event.

MK.2-SE ESD and Latch-Up Test System
 MK.4 ESD and Latch-Up Test System

The Thermo Scientific MK.4 ESD and Latch-Up Test System provides the industries highest speed of test execution, lowest zap interval, and the ability to perform concurrent zap and curve trace testing.
MK.4 has become the de facto ESD and Latch-Up test system standard for producers of multifunction high pin-count devices.?roviding up to 2304 test pins and 8 simultaneous V/I supplies, the MK.4 is the world's most powerful ESD and Latch-Up test system.

MK.4 ESD and Latch-Up Test System

The Thermo Scientific Orion is a robotic field charging CDM (Charged Device Model) ESD tester comprising a system controller, flat panel display and operating software.
The system is designed to meet the JEDEC, ESDA and AEC charged device model ESD test standards and includes the discharge probes, associated hardware and calibration disks specified in these standards.